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Web Monitoring

Mesurz Monitoring ensures that your website runs effectively by providing direct interaction during issues. Mesurz keeps your users informed and updated throughout the process of detecting and resolving issues.

Web Analytics

Mesurz Analytics is a secure, user-friendly consent and website tracking solution. With our effective capabilities, you can easily monitor your website's performance, maintain data privacy compliance, and receive important insights to help drive development. Improve your user experience and make better choices using Mesurz Analytics.

Web Crawler

Mesurz Web Crawler is a strong SEO tool that improves your website's search engine exposure. It provides vital insights for development by completely examining your website's structure and identifying technological flaws that may be preventing your rankings from rising.

Web Secure

Mesurz Web Secure is more than just a website monitoring tool; it's a diligent monitor that constantly scans your website's security, domain health, headers, SSL/TLS certificates, and more. With Mesurz, you don't simply respond to attacks; you proactively uncover weaknesses and ensure compliance before they become issues.

Your data is safe with Mesurz

At Mesurz protects your data with the highest care. Our business approach respects privacy by providing outstanding technology at reasonable pricing, with no hidden agendas or third-party agreements. We do not possess or sell your data, and we surely do not rely on advertising-based revenue methods. We use robust encryption technologies to safeguard all client data transported to the servers, and all connections, including web and API access, are encrypted with TLS 1.2/1.3.

Integrate Mesurz platform with over 15+ apps

Mesurz offers many types of add-ons and integrations to let you extend the possibilities of our platform. These connections allow you to set up statistics, notifications, APIs, and more.

PageSpeed Insights
Firebase (GCP)
Clarity (Microsoft)
Google Analytics
Zoho Apps
Foefox Labs Apps
Slack Communication

Now Mesurz available for free!

Free forever

  • 2 websites
  • 1000 pages
  • Website health monitoring
  • Security check
  • Incidents email notification
  • API limit - 20K request
  • 1 public status page per website
  • Third-party integrations

For enterprises

Managing a huge web presence? Join the business customers we serve, who use our high-quality, customizable solutions to monitor over 10,000 webpages.

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You may have questions about Mesurz

What is Mesurz?

Mesurz is a website and app metrics tool that inspects every single page, measured best practices, and generates accurate data. The aim is to monitor web and applications security, SSL, TLS, uptime, headers, and offer complete compliance. Ensure that the entire website promotes a business on this earth.

What types of websites can Mesurz monitor?

Mesurz initially analyzes the entire web page, starting with scrath-like meta data and ending with uptime. In this scan, we examine the industry standard, calculate your score, and provide ideas for improvement.

What kind of reports does Mesurz generate?

Mesurz generates reports on web page performance, issues, areas for improvement, downtimes, security breaches, user consent, and other metrics to help improve the online presence of websites and apps. We sent a weekly report to each webmaster team member.

Can Mesurz help improve my website's load times?

Of course, Mesurz recommends improving the website assets and usability, SEO metrics, server response speed, and server uptime across the globe. In this findings, and suggestions will increase your website performance with up to 40%.

What kind of customization options are available with Mesurz?

You can personalize web or app monitoring, website crawling depending on time, build, and other parameters. Mesurz API helps you to modify the online report, notifications, development environment, web or app status page, SMTP, and many more features.

Can I set up alerts with Mesurz?

Yes, you can configure the notifications by text message, email, or voice. We also provide third-party integrations with your preferred communication platforms like as Slack, Zoho Cliq, SMTP, and a lot more. You can create notifications for customers, developers, and owners.

Mesurz have sell or monitize my website data?

Mesurz is developed by Foefox Labs, a company that prioritizes safety and privacy. Foefox Labs does not access, share, or sell customer data to anyone else, as they believe security and privacy are their most important values.

When will Mesurz be available to the all?

Mesurz is currently under research and development, with a public release expected for Q3, 2025. The public version will offer a free forever, additional features, an open-source alternatives, increased security, and more accessibility.